About the H.E.ART

Our Mission

To provide a healthy, creative environment where aspiring Actors, Dancers and Singers of all ages can feel inspired and empowered to cultivate their talents. As a Multicultural Performing Arts Company, The H.E.ART is committed to the development of the diverse youth of Los Angeles.

Our Goal

The goal is to broaden the reach and effectiveness of the traditional after-school or weekend center by:

  • Providing courses to enhance self-development, allowing the youth to explore their artistic abilities
  • Creating a program environment that will serve the community
  • Nurturing youth education by investing in cultural capital and empowerment

Our program, while directly aimed at developing performing arts’ skills, will indirectly result in the positive development of self-esteem, self-respect and self-discipline. In addition, Students will be further inspired by their interaction with seasoned industry professionals who will instruct at the facility.

The H.E.ART will provide an environment that is holistic, in that people at all levels of development in their craft will interact, be mentored and experience peer support. This will truly be a breeding ground for the cultivation of well-rounded individuals.

Our Instructors

Eartha Robinson

Founder, Dance & Movement Instructor

Vernée Watson

Acting Instructor